PODIUM Coaching for Runners

Launching a new running app for iOS and Android


The project involved bringing to market a new coaching app for runners, initially for Apple Watch, and managing its release to Android. Performance Lab had a great amount of tech expertise but trouble translating this in a way users could understand; my goal was to help create a consumer facing brand that runners would love. Some of the more visual elements of the project are captured below.


Content and creative direction to help create a beautiful, mobile friendly website that would reflect what PODIUM was about (story, expertise and features) and most importantly, drive app downloads!

612crew low res.jpg

Event partnership/Community building

In the lead-up to a 12K running event in San Francisco in mid-July, we recruited 12 runners (the “612 Crew”) to run with PODIUM for 6 weeks, and document the process. We managed the group via WhatsApp and shared their stories on social.

Onboarding experience

Education of concepts such as running power, app navigation and upgrade path, a better user experience and flow…"

facebook ads.jpg

Facebook marketing

Facebook ads can get complicated pretty quickly, especially if you’re testing multiple ad types and formats. We needed a system to make it work, and test different messaging against different creative. I created 3 messaging pillars that formed the foundation of our launch creative, and were able to see whether emotional or functional messages resonated the most. After 2 months of testing, we re-visited the creative, using the same pillars for a new ad set that was more “lifestyle” focussed.